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About WSS Integrated Technologies


When our CEO started this company in 2004, he was working as a contractor hired on to large commercial and industrial applications for national construction companies. He quickly realized the potential of the industry and loved the job that he was doing. He also realized how poor the customer experience was in an exploding market where you didn’t have to ‘be great’ to have success. He knew if he was ever fortunate enough to be successful on his own he would do things much differently.

Fast forward and you’ll see WSS Integrated Technologies is achieving its goals of providing the best customer service experience in the industry. Our team is a family that’s dedicated to its clients and each other. Our company lives and thrives by a single idea – ‘Do the right thing. Every decision. Every person. Every time.’ That’s the WSS way.


We want everyone to be safe, feel safe and use technology to help make their lives happier and more efficient. Bringing security and efficiency to our schools, local businesses, and homes is part of our foundation. It’s at our core and revolves around every decision we make to keep moving forward.


We strive every day to be the best service provider in the industry - period. From the first phone call to our office and beyond the last piece of hardware we setup; nothing is more important than bringing the highest quality of service to our clients in every phase of work. When we walk away from any job, our expectation is that we’ve provided the best solution at the highest level of professionalism possible. Simultaneously, we’re always bringing the most reliable and trusted technologies to our clients so that we can stand behind our service and product for the lifetime of our relationship.


Integrity & Trust – Earned and not given, never taken for granted, not negotiable or replaceable. This is what we hang our reputation on.

Dedication – Call it what you will; ‘elbow grease’, ‘rolling up your sleeves’, ‘dirt under your nails’. Good old-fashioned hard work and we still believe in it.

Respect – We respect our employees, customers and everyone else from all walks of life. A fundamental value to everyone who is a part of our team.

Communication – Email, phone call, text message, DM, smoke signals… well maybe not the last one. But we utilize every sort of modern communication technique to ensure our clients trust that our team knows what’s going on.

Reinvestment – Management has committed to reinvesting into its dedicated family of employees year over year as well as the company for continued growth and improvement.

Partnership & Family – Our goal for every client we earn is to be a tried and true partner forever. Our clients and employees are all part of the extended WSS family.


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