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Introduction to gunshot detection with Shooter Detection Systems.

WSS Integrated Technologies is pleased to host a webinar on gunshot detection with our partner and guest speaker, Shooter Detection Systems.
We will be covering the following:
1. Overview of the history of Shooter Detection Systems
2. The active shooter threat: the main problems we have discovered in impeding an active shooter and how our solution helps with those problems.
3. Technology overview of our Guardian sensors and our Situation Awareness Application
4. An overview of our integration capabilities and the various certifications Shooter Detection Systems has.
5. How we design our systems with our authorized partners for our customers.

Sign up below for our webinar on Thursday, December 15th @ 2:00pm

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Introduction to Gunshot Detection with Shooter Detection Systems

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The Power of Experienced Integration

Because we're skilled in all types of life and property protection systems, we can design integrated systems that combine your intrusion detection system with fire alarm systems, video security and access control systems in a single command and control center. Our integrated systems provide a greater degree of protection for your workers, equipment, and buildings.

Intrusion Detection

Secure & Protect

We specialize in custom burglar alarm systems to meet the unique needs of your small business or large enterprise.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Installation & Inspections

Our engineers, designers, project managers, and certified installation technicians have a wealth of experience in delivering fire detection and alarm systems.

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Video Surveillance

Analog & IP Systems

Video surveillance cameras, powered by closed-circuit television (CCTV), are the best way to monitor entryways, deter criminals, and review criminal activity when it occurs.

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Access Control

Cloud-Based Control

Only approved users (employees, trusted vendors, etc.) can scan their official credentials at a digital access device attached to the entryway.

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Consulting Services

Strategy & Development

If you don’t have a Facility Security Plan or an Electronic Security Plan, WSS will assist you in development of these plans by applying our experience and industry standard best practices.

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