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Celebrating over 70 years in Japan, and over 50 years in North America, we continue to be the most reliable brand of security communication systems.

Far from a start‑up, we impress dealers and customers with our breadth of solutions, unrivaled service, and outstanding support that is unmatched by any other intercom manufacturer across the globe.


  • Superior Solutions - Through integration and a feature-rich product offering, we can tailor systems to even the most unique demands, small or large.
  • Superior Service - Providing topnotch service is a promise we uphold through our award-winning teams and commitment to quality.
  • Superior Support - By continuing to enhance our online presence and making our rich tools easily accessible, dealers can better serve their customers.
  • Reliable Products - We guarantee every system is the result of painstaking attention to detail, offering the finest quality and technology you can trust.
  • Focused On Integrity - We conduct our business in a straightforward, ethical manner and understand our obligation to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Industries Served


Protect Your Schools with Internal Communication and Access Control

Security intercom systems provide voice and video communication between locations at specific points within a building, across a campus, or throughout a district. The presence of an intercom system, especially when it’s integrated with other security equipment, provides effective security measures to keep students safe, staff informed, and maintain quick security responses.  Protect your schools with proactive security solutions for entry and access control, internal communication, paging and alert notifications, bell scheduling, emergency towers, and call boxes.


Security Communication Solutions for Multiple Industries of Any Size

A commercial intercom system is ideal for a wide range of business properties, mixed-used buildings, industrial warehouses, schools, retail stores, and more. Networked emergency call towers in parking garages and remote areas can be used in locations that are hard to patrol or monitor.


Your number one concern is ensuring the health and well-being of patients and staff – in all its forms.  We offer intercom security systems for pharmaceutical and records rooms (HIPAA compliance), nurse call, communication in parking areas, visitor and staff entries, and pediatric security.  Use Aiphone intercom security & communication systems throughout your healthcare campus.

Correctional Facilities

Guards, staff, inmates, and visitors need reliable safety and security.  Aiphone supports the unique requirements of prison and perimeter monitoring.  Control and monitor your entry and exit points by empowering your guards with a robust IP security communication solution.

Our selection of IP security control systems for correctional facilities, jails, and detention centers are secure and has lower up-front costs when compared to full-on system replacements.  Aiphone products are known for their reliability – designed with tamper-resistant cameras and controls.
Aiphone products are user-friendly and customizable, depending on your specific needs.


For Today’s Property Owners and Tenants

Today’s property owners and tenants are attracted to safe and inviting environments, both inside and outside of their homes.  Video Intercom provides convenient security, allowing residents to properly determine visitor intent before letting anyone in the building. Give them the confidence to make proper access decisions by identifying visitors and communicating with them before unlocking the door.

Tenants need to reach concierge or staff in a snap – in the case of an emergency, even if security is centralized in a different building. With a wide array of configurations, it’s easy to add a layer of security as a key benefit to your building’s tenants. The video guard station can also be used to intercept visitor calls, monitor deliveries and secondary entrances, and reach tenants as needed.

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The Power of Experienced Integration

Because we're skilled in all types of life and property protection systems, we can design integrated systems that combine your intrusion detection system with fire alarm systems, video security and access control systems in a single command and control center. Our integrated systems provide a greater degree of protection for your workers, equipment, and buildings.

Intrusion Detection

Secure & Protect

We specialize in custom burglar alarm systems to meet the unique needs of your small business or large enterprise.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Installation & Inspections

Our engineers, designers, project managers, and certified installation technicians have a wealth of experience in delivering fire detection and alarm systems.

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Video Surveillance

Analog & IP Systems

Video surveillance cameras, powered by closed-circuit television (CCTV), are the best way to monitor entryways, deter criminals, and review criminal activity when it occurs.

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Access Control

Cloud-Based Control

Only approved users (employees, trusted vendors, etc.) can scan their official credentials at a digital access device attached to the entryway.

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Consulting Services

Strategy & Development

If you don’t have a Facility Security Plan or an Electronic Security Plan, WSS will assist you in development of these plans by applying our experience and industry standard best practices.

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