WSS Integrated Technologies Your Authorized Autocall Distributor


WSS Integrated Technologies proudly announces its official status as an authorized distributor and installer for Autocall, a leading name in cutting-edge fire protection equipment and control units. Autocall’s commitment to excellence ensures that businesses receive top-of-the-line products at competitive prices, embodying state-of-the-art fire detection and protection technology.

Autocall Products: Experience the pinnacle of fire detection and protection solutions with Autocall’s comprehensive product line, including:

  1. 4006 Fire Alarm Control Unit:
    • Designed for buildings requiring five to ten control panels.
    • Built-in DACT for central station monitoring, a 2×20 character display, and a multi-function keypad.
  2. 4007ES Fire Alarm Control Unit:
    • Tailored for small to medium-sized buildings.
    • Features networking, multi-hazard suppression release, building system integration, addressable notification technology, and a color touchscreen display.
  3. Addressable LED Notification Appliances:
    • Small, energy-efficient, and seamlessly blend into the environment, becoming noticeable only during emergencies.
  4. Beam Detectors:
    • Detect open-area smoke in unconventional spaces where traditional detectors might fail.
  5. CO Sensor Base:
    • Detect toxic CO gases with a photo or heat sensor to prevent false alarms.
  6. Duct Detectors:
    • Ideal for hard-to-reach or restricted areas such as HVAC ducts, elevator shafts, and electrical equipment rooms.
  7. Modules:
    • Various IDNet addressable modules, including multi-point, individual reporting, and isolator modules.
  8. Multi-Sensor Devices:
    • Monitor environmental factors to enhance fire detection efficiency and reduce false alarms.
  9. Pull Stations and Call Points:
    • Manual pull stations and call points configured to suit diverse building needs.
  10. TrueStart Analysis and Testing Instrument:
    • Speeds up the fire alarm commissioning process with efficient analysis and testing.

Benefits of Autocall:

  • State-of-the-art fire detection and protection technology.
  • Proven performance with a cost-effective edge.
  • Comprehensive range of control panels, sensors, detectors, and devices.
  • Self-testing capabilities for 24/7 equipment reliability.
  • Adherence to the latest NFPA requirements.
  • Autocall provides comprehensive training and round-the-clock technical and application support.

Become Autocall Secured with WSS Integrated Technologies: As an authorized Autocall distributor, WSS Integrated Technologies stands ready to install Autocall’s cutting-edge equipment in your building, ensuring the highest level of fire protection and safety. Elevate your fire protection standards by contacting WSS Integrated Technologies today. Your safety is our priority, schedule your free consultation today.