Wood Partners’ Buildings Equipped with ButterflyMX Score Higher on Kingsley Resident Surveys

Since its founding over 20 years ago, the company has developed more than 73,000 apartment homes with a combined value of $12.8 billion. But Wood Partners does not stop at just giving people a place to live: they create distinctive communities of lasting value, deliver solid returns to investors, and forge a culture of respect and empowerment for their employees. This commitment to excellence can be found in each carefully selected detail of their communities, including the building entry system.

The Challenge For Wood Partners

As one of the largest multifamily merchant builders in the U.S., Wood Partners is expected to design and build unique assets that stand alone in the Class A marketplace.

Their internal procurement team, which consists of executives from various departments including purchasing, services, and partnerships, is constantly reviewing new technologies that will not only add value to upcoming projects but also match the changing demands of future owners and residents. “We can’t afford to add a product or service to our developments that the market doesn’t value,” said Steve F. Hallsey, managing director for Wood Partners. “If the market views the addition as being maintenance intensive, having high operational costs or creating built-in obsolescence it will result in a lower rate-of-return for our investment partners.”

Choosing A Solution

Wood Partners chose ButterflyMX to deliver a cost-effective and highly sought after amenity that future owners and residents are demanding.

“We recognize the market is shifting toward proptech amenities,” explains Hallsey. “We’ve found that ButterflyMX’s smart intercom not only has low upfront and ongoing costs but also provides a property access experience built for modern living.”

By choosing ButterflyMX, Wood Partners eliminated the additional building wiring and in-unit hardware that comes along with a traditional video intercom, saving them on installation and maintenance costs. Moreover, residents can open and manage doors from their smartphone, and property managers can audit door releases and grant/revoke building entry permissions from an online dashboard.

The Outcome

After three years of working with ButterflyMX, Wood Partners is ecstatic with the results.

Installation at our new developments, where timing and coordination with various construction groups is paramount, has been flawless and professional. ButterflyMX has delivered on its promise of being both state-of-the-art and cost-effective, ensuring investor returns are not jeopardized by unnecessary costs. What’s more, buildings where ButterflyMX is installed consistently rate higher on Kingsley Resident Surveys. “We regularly survey our residents for feedback on their living experience, and we’ve found that our ButterflyMX equipped buildings score higher than our non-ButterflyMX equipped buildings,” described Hallsey. “We’re so happy with the results that we’ve just added it to a new development, The Alta Dairies, in Atlanta, and we look forward to adding it to future projects.”

This case study was written and originally published by ButterflyMX


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