Whats the Difference Between IP and CCTV Cameras

The terms “IP camera” and “CCTV camera” refer to two different types of surveillance cameras. CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are the traditional type of surveillance cameras that have been used for many years. These cameras typically use analog technology to transmit video footage over a closed circuit to a monitoring or recording device. CCTV cameras…

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Whats The Difference Between IOE and IOT?

The terms “Internet of Everything” (IoE) and “Internet of Things” (IoT) are related but have slightly different meanings. IoT refers to the growing network of physical objects that are connected to the internet and can collect and exchange data. These objects, known as “smart devices” or “smart objects,” can include things like smartphones, smart appliances,…

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What is License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that uses cameras and image-processing software to automatically read and identify the license plate numbers of vehicles. The system captures an image of a vehicle’s license plate, and then uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the alphanumeric characters from the image and convert them into a machine-readable…

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Talkaphone Case Study – Seattle Central College

Executive Summary Universities across the nation are making safety for their students a top priority. From installing cameras to incorporating access control and implementing blue light call stations, campus security and public safety leaders are consistently looking for ways to ensure the safety of their community. Located in the heart of Seattle, adjacent to Capitol…

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Talkaphone Case Study – Town Of Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay

Executive Summary The Town of Oyster Bay, part of the New York metropolitan area, is the only town in Nassau County that extends from the North Shore to the South Shore of Long Island. The area was also home to Theodore Roosevelt, who spent summers at his residence, Sagamore Hill, in the Village of Cove…

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Talkaphone Case Study – Carolina’s Health Care System


Executive Summary Hospitals are centers of healing and wellness. At a destination for those who have suffered injury or violence elsewhere, we would like to take for granted our safety and security. However, recent surveys show a steady increase in assaults and violent acts over the past several years. According to the 2011 government Census…

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Talkaphone Case Study – Chicago O’Hare Airport

Chicago O'Hare Airport

Executive Summary Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is the second busiest airport in the nation with a strong international presence, flying to more than 60 foreign destinations. O’Hare has been voted the “Best Airport in North America” for 10 years by readers of the U.S. Edition of the Business Traveler Magazine and the Global Traveler Magazine.…

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Self Storage Security Systems: Extra Space Invests in INSOMNIAC™ SmartEye

OpenTech Alliance announced a strategic partnership with Extra Space Storage to reduce security threats at high-risk facilities. Security and storage unit security systems are key tenants of the Extra Space brand promise. The second-largest operator of self storage facilities in the US, every Extra Space facility is guaranteed to be clean, updated and, most importantly, secure.…

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7 Video Surveillance Benefits For Construction Companies

Video Surveillance

This simple truth is what drives many companies to invest into video surveillance systems. There’s a good possibility that you have multiple locations, and even if not, you need to eat, drink, and manage other aspects of your business that will take you away from the monitoring.  Even if you could spend 24 hours a…

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OpenTech Adds Water Sensor Integration to IoE Platform

    Phoenix, AZ –  OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart connected technology solutions for the self storage industry, announced a new integration for their intelligent platform of smart-connected self storage solutions, the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything). The new integration helps operators find water leaks on their storage property to prevent significant damage to their facility and loss…

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