High Street Residential Chose ButterflyMX to Streamline Package Delivery and Visitor Entry

To ensure their developments not only enhance their residents’ lifestyles but also the surrounding community, each HSR property is carefully crafted to weave into the urban fabric of the neighborhood where it is built. Their pedestrian-oriented communities are commonly situated in high-growth locations where the city itself is the amenity. And since many of their residents also work and play in the area, there is a strong sense within High Street Residential to enhance the natural vibrancy of the cityscape through its developments. This is done through meticulous and thoughtful design in which no detail is overlooked. Even those elements that seemingly have little impact on the living experience are scrutinized, including the package management and visitor entry systems.

The Challenge For High Street Residential

As a subsidiary of Trammell Crow Company, High Street Residential is expected to deliver world-class assets that not only redefine build standards but also drive market-leading investment returns.

When deciding on a new development, a comprehensive review is done by an internal team to determine its feasibility, financial projections, and long term sustainability. “We do our best to consider every aspect of the development cycle in our decision-making process from underwriting to property operations,” said Lindsay Lechner, Senior Associate at High Street Residential. “We leverage our unique combination of national perspective with localized research to ensure we exceed the demands of the future residents of our properties.”

Choosing A Solution

High Street Residential chose ButterflyMX to provide a property access experience designed to meet the needs of its future eCommerce-centric residents.

“Our research indicated that our future Pittsburgh residents would not only be shopping online more than average but they would also be seeking a building equipped to handle all of these orders,” explains Lechner. “We considered other solutions but decided to go with ButterflyMX because they’ve integrated package delivery with visitor entry. Their system enables delivery people to seamlessly access the property and drop off packages while providing residents with the ability to open and manage doors from their smartphone. It’s a solution that not only streamlines building operations but also helps the property standout with an amenity that our future residents are looking for.”

In addition to facilitating deliveries, the ButterflyMX entry system allows residents to see and speak with whoever is trying to access the property through live video sent directly to a mobile app. Residents can also grant managed building access for service providers such as dog walkers and house cleaners through the use of virtual keys — a popular feature in a city where on-demand services have exploded.

The Outcome

After working with ButterflyMX in Pittsburgh, Lechner is excited to add them to future projects.

From selection and installation to onboarding and support, ButterflyMX made the process fast and easy. Their integrated end-to-end solution has helped Lechner deliver on High Street Residential’s promise of delivering an asset that enhances the lives of those who interact with it. “We have only received positive feedback from our residents, as well as the delivery people and guests visiting the property,” describes Lechner.  “We are enjoying the improved delivery and resident experience so much that we have already made plans to incorporate ButterflyMX into future projects.”

This case study was written and originally published by ButterflyMX


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