7 Video Surveillance Benefits For Construction Companies

Video Surveillance

This simple truth is what drives many companies to invest into video surveillance systems. There’s a good possibility that you have multiple locations, and even if not, you need to eat, drink, and manage other aspects of your business that will take you away from the monitoring.  Even if you could spend 24 hours a day on a construction site you’d still miss many things. Many are too big for one person to keep track of.  A mobile video system is the solution. Installing surveillance cameras around your job site is like having an eye on everything. This results in safer work sites, less theft, and a better bottom line.

Here are seven video surveillance benefits that you can take advantage of at your job site.

1. Employee theft can be prevented

Employee theft is a major problem in small businesses across the United States. Because of the valuable tools and equipment that are left unattended, yards and construction sites can be easy targets.  Consider how much construction companies spend on equipment and tools each year. You could also see an increase in your insurance premiums if you lose even a small fraction of these items.  Video surveillance can be a great benefit to you. It provides a visual view of your yard and job sites around the clock so that you or your security personnel can check if your employees are stealing items you have purchased.

2. Safeguard against fraud

Small businesses also face employee fraud. Workers can steal unearned funds from the company in a variety of ways. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 5% of all revenue is lost each year by fraud.  Around 86% of these cases involve asset misappropriation where employees use company resources for their own purposes. 10% include financial statement fraud.  Video surveillance ensures that your workers are always safe and secure at work. This makes it less likely that they will commit fraud or siphon money off the company.

3. Reduce on-site accidents

Your business can be affected by accidents on the job. First, you may have to close down the entire site if someone is injured, which could result in lost work hours. A reputation for promoting unsafe practices could lead to you losing customers.  Many workplace injuries are caused by employees who don’t adhere to safety protocols. Video surveillance can help you keep an eye on high-risk areas and ensure that you have a clear view of the entire property. You can quickly spot when employees don’t use equipment correctly and make necessary changes to prevent injuries.

4. Increase employee productivity

Although you don’t want your employees to feel spied on, a comprehensive surveillance system can help you monitor them and ensure they are using their time well. Employees who are aware that you may be watching them through an on-site surveillance system will be less likely to waste their time.  Cameras placed around the jobsite can reduce socializing time and ensure that workers take breaks only when allowed. This creates a more productive environment which is good for clients and also helps to improve your bottom line.

5. Night monitoring of the site

There are many bad things that can happen on construction sites at night. This is when thefts, break-ins and vandalism occur. You and your security provider can see the location at night so that you can deal with these problems as soon as they occur.  You won’t need to worry if you have an armed security guard watching your video feeds. This individual will act as an additional threat. In most cases, potential thieves and vandals will move on to easier targets if they know that the site has been monitored. This results in fewer items being lost and less vandalism. It could also reduce your insurance premiums.

6. Record suspicious activity

Even if there is nothing missing from your jobsite, surveillance cameras can be used to help you spot suspicious activity. This could indicate that an employee, visitor or unwanted trespasser are planning something in the future. You can report this activity to law enforcement and help prevent theft and vandalism.  Your video surveillance system can be used to prevent problems and save you money.

7. Minimize lawsuits

Companies can face serious legal issues if an employee or visitor is hurt on the job. Surveillance cameras can be used as evidence in these cases and provide additional protection.  This video evidence can be used to stop frivolous lawsuits by proving what actually happened. Any company should strive to avoid costly legal fees and other payouts.  Video surveillance can be a smart and secure way to inspect your business premises. Expert guidance can be a great way to make your company safer.

Video surveillance can help you improve your finances

A company must be able do its business efficiently and safely without interruptions in order to make money. A video surveillance system will help you reach this goal by allowing you to monitor for potential problems and allow you to fix them before they become a problem. You can also use cameras to recover stolen property, monitor employees, and prevent injuries.