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WSS Integrated Technologies

At WSS Integrated Technologies, we specialize in delivering versatile security solutions to meet the needs of all of our commercial and residential customers across Ohio. We’re proud to provide home and commercial security systems so our customers can live life on their terms with the peace of mind they deserve.


Providing Commercial Security Systems in Ohio
Since 2004.

The WSS Integrated Technologies team is made up of passionate experts who understand the vital importance of elevated commercial security standards. Whether we’re installing fire alarm systems or making sure a company’s video surveillance systems are up to par, we do it with meticulous attention to detail.

We’re proud to be a family-owned and -operated company specializing in systems integration. We always treat our customers like family and install industrial applications to make them feel safe and secure at all times.

Since 2004, we’ve been a premier provider of commercial video surveillance systems across Ohio. We get to know the needs of our customers on a more personal level so we can be sure to install everything they require to feel protected, from video surveillance to commercial fire alarm systems.

Taking Technology Integration to the Next Level

Securing a business or home in Ohio doesn’t mean installing only surveillance systems. At WSS Integrated Technologies, we understand that every business and customer is unique, and so are their security needs.

That’s why we’re proud to be able to provide our customers with the diverse lineup of security solutions they deserve. We’re a full-serve security company catering to both residential and commercial security systems, video surveillance options, and fire alarm systems.

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Customer Service




Current Projects


Providing Security for Companies
Small And Large

"My Family practice office was overdue for a security system, especially after a recent incident. Taking action to finally install an alarm system jumped to the top of my to-do list. Fortunately, I was well acquainted with WSS Integrated Solutions through the education I had received from Brandon Reed on your sales team.  After reviewing my options and needs, I was completely comfortable with making the choice to get started. Brandon understood my concerns, took my information and we were scheduled in a very short time.

The technician was courteous and knowledgeable. The install had one small challenge, but my tech was totally able to handle it. 

We have already had a storm that knocked out power and I was immediately alerted to a change in my alarm system. So, it works! 

Thank you so much for your professional service and I have every confidence in recommending WSS securities to anyone that needs your services."

Marcus Family Chiropractic | WSS Customer

Marcus Family Chiropractic

"The customer service at WSS Integrated Technologies was amazing, even with a couple mishaps they were on top of it and in constant communication through the entire duration of the project. They resolved Every issue timely and even were calling me after hours to give the necessary updates."

Compass Self Storage | WSS Customer

Compass Self Storage

"They are honest, great people. They are there when you need them. They explain everything. I have nothing bad to say about them. Great company to work with."

Claude K.

"I was in need of help for security and cameras. They called me quickly and customized a solution for me that really helped me. Their technicians were so friendly."

Pat W.

"WSS Integrated Technologies is a wonderful company.  They have friendly salespeople and workers.  They have the best prices on the market. They are very good at returning phone calls and answered all my questions. Their services are quick, and they are on time for the appointments. They saved us about $100 per month in our switching over our monitoring services and installed security cameras that meet our needs perfectly.  I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Pastor Chris DeMark

"They are great people. They opened at a store close to us and always answer the call for help."

Emmet N.

"I have been working at WSS for about 3 years, and have found them to be the best company I have ever worked for. I have been in the security industry for roughly 25 years, and have worked for multiple companies before coming to WSS.  WSS treats their employees like family. They really treat their employees with dignity and respect and are truly thoughtful when dealing with their needs. WSS thinks about how their actions will affect their employees and customers, and listen when concerns are expressed. They are concerned about their employees in all aspects of the business. If you need something all you need to do is ask. I can honestly say this has been my best experience working in the security industry."

Derek Leuw | WSS Service Technician

Derek Leuw

"We started building our dealer network shortly after manufacturing our first security system in 1977. As a member of that dealer network, WSS Integrated Technologies continues to demonstrate its commitment to clients by providing the highest quality of service in every phase of the job. As their manufacturing partner, we are honored to work with such an incredible and trustworthy team who truly cares about doing the right thing. In our book, the people of WSS are top-notch!"

Digital Monitoring Products |

Digital Monitoring Products

I have been working at WSS Integrated Technologies for almost 2 years now.  I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I don’t feel like I have to go to work.  Our atmosphere and work culture is one unlike any other that I have ever been too.  It starts at the top with our leadership and is echoed down to every employee no matter what their role is.  From the joyful banter in the office to the smile on every technician's face, I am proud to work here at WSS and privileged to have such wonderful co-workers to work with every day.

Brandon Reed | WSS Sr. Sales Engineer 

Brandon Reed

"Working at WSS for almost 3 years has been an absolute honor for me. From day one, I felt welcomed and right at home. From the upper management to technicians, everyone working at WSS is part of the family and every single one of us working here ensures that we make each other feel that way. In my career, I have never worked anywhere else that made their employees proud of what they do as WSS has done. There is never a day when I am not excited to be at work!"

Tanvir Imad | WSS Branch Controller | Irwin, PA

Tanvir Imad

"As a member of the Axis Channel Partner Program and an Authorized partner that’s in good standing with Axis, WSS Integrated Technologies is certified to Axis Communications products and solutions. We’re proud to work with a partner that is committed to providing its clients with top-notch products, services, and support."

Axis Communications | Technology Partner

Axis Communications

"WSS Integrated Solutions was a great company to deal with from start to finish.  The communication was great and they were able to fix a long-standing problem at the self-storage facility that I am employed at.  It all started because of their fantastic sales engineer, Jonathan P.  He happened to reach out on a whim one day as he was driving by the facility.  We talked for a bit and he assured me they could fix my issue.  He also followed up with me after the job was complete to ensure that I was fully satisfied with the work that was done.  Their tech, Robby, was very knowledgeable about everything and let me know all of the steps that he was taking to fix the issue.  He was very personable and a pleasure to deal with.  Everyone I’ve dealt with at WSS was extremely professional and I would recommend them to anyone that has any security needs."

Jarrod Dippery | WSS Customer 

Jarrod Dippery

"The team at WSS Integrated Technologies did a fantastic job with my home security system. They did a quality job and were well organized. I have had WSS install systems for my home and business installed and would not hesitate to hire them back for additional work."

Jim Norris | WSS Customer

Jim Norris

"I manage a private religious day school with two campuses that needed some positive changes to the security systems along with a more reliable company to manage all the access control, camera systems, burglar, and fire alarms. I met with the CEO of the company to discuss the needs we had and our high expectations for the system care and upkeep along with some much-needed upgrades. 

I was extremely confident after that meeting that I was making the right change to our provider. WSS is a reliable and professional company, from their service techs to their sales reps they are all punctual and understanding of the complex systems they manage and operate along with the needs of my schools.  

I have been so pleased with WSS that I have brought them on board to upgrade the security systems we currently have in my firehouse’s along with the installation of new security cameras.  

I would highly recommend WSS to anyone in need of security service commercial or residential." 

Matthew Chase | WSS Customer

Director of Operations of Golda Och Academy & Deputy Chief of Chatham Township Fire Department

Matthew Chase

"WSS Integrated Technologies has gone above and beyond to provide great service and a wonderful installation for Comfort Generation. Brandon was awesome to deal with and was very thorough when explaining all the options they could provide. The installation team was outstanding. Very professional, also thorough in making sure the install was done neat and clean. The products of the security system are of great quality. The cameras are wonderful very clear, and great for us to have all over our shop. Having the app available on the phone is also a very nice feature, it makes everything very easy to work. We could not have been happier with our system."

Comfort Generation  |  WSS Customer 

Comfort Generation

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Brandon Reed from WSS Integrated Technologies. My company, Independent Environmental Management is a management company that had been assigned the task of researching and recommending a security service for a new client. I had reached out to well over ten different security companies in the area, including WSS. Brandon was the only salesman who returned my calls and emails promptly. I waited days and sometimes weeks for others to get back to me with answers on pricing, installation, and other general service-related questions. It would come as no surprise that WSS had been narrowed down to the final three companies to work with. My client was insistent on a company that responds fast to questions and service requests. Brandon at WSS was easily the top choice for staying on top of the project. He was available for any adjustments and questions as they came up. Brandon also remained professional and easily approachable throughout the whole process. I personally never had to research a security company before and due to Brandon’s patience and expertise on the subject, I have learned a lot about an industry that I knew nothing of beforehand. I would highly recommend Brandon and WSS Integrated Technologies to anyone interested in a security system for their commercial business. If I ever have the task of finding another security team for any other clients, Brandon will be the first call I make. His knowledge, reliability, and professionalism alone can set any business owners’ mind at ease when it comes to their location’s security."

Jon Yankowy | Independent Environmental Management | WSS Customer

Jon Yankowy

"We have constructed a new commercial building to move our office into. I have worked side by side with Brandon on many other construction projects and discussed working on my building with him. WSS offered us the best equipment at the best price point on the market.  Schedules have been tight and due to weather, we have canceled install dates on WSS more than once. WSS has been extremely accommodating to meet all of the schedule changes and our every need for security and access control. Before they started the project the tech met with me on-site to make sure that everything was going to do the job and more so be aesthetically pleasing. He even went as far as painting the individual mounting boxes in certain locations just so it would look better. Every phone call and email was answered, every appointment was met. This work and service were seamless and effortless on our side as a client. This is truly a company that stands behind their product and over-delivers on their contract. I will never look to another provider for future projects."

Jason Tielve | 24/7 Fire Protection Inc | WSS Customer

Jason Tielve

Catering to Customers Through Customized Security Services

Every customer who comes to us has different ideas of what security means for their home or business. At WSS Integrated Technologies, our approach to security systems is to always customize our products according to each customer's needs.

Our commitment to fully customized service starts with our custom security client representatives. Every business we work with is assigned a representative who puts their professional security system’s insight and knowledge to work on our customer’s behalf.Representatives guide our customers through the systems selection process, taking customer preferences, concerns, and questions into account along the way. The result for businesses we partner with is a completely unique and custom security system to enjoy.

Incorporating this level of personal service allows us to really get to know our customers and guarantee a heightened level of protection that their business not only needs but deserves. Our team of custom security client representatives cares about the well-being of all of our customers and works hard to make sure the process is simple, transparent, and successful at every step.

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People We Serve in Ohio

The WSS Integrated Technologies team is known for our diverse security system options. Because we offer so many types of security features and can handle system integration with ease, our services are ideal for both commercial business properties and new construction sites.

While many of our customers come to us with commercial and new construction needs, we just as readily provide security systems assistance to residential customers in Ohio. From home security installations to fire alarms, we’re always on hand to make sure families are safe, secure, and have the peace of mind they deserve.

When it comes to serving Ohio businesses, our commercial security systems serve a variety of purposes. Whether we’re setting up secure door access in apartment buildings, installing security cameras in parking lots and retail stores, or making sure fire alarms are secured in markets, we take every detail into account.

WSS Integrated Technologies can help with commercial security systems in medical facilities, as well. We’re equipped to install systems that keep senior care centers secure and take on everything from security cameras to nurse call buttons.

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If you’re looking to enhance the security in your business or home and want great customer service to match, WSS Integrated Technologies is here to help. Contact us today for more information on installing fire sprinklers, alarm systems, video surveillance options, and more!