Self Storage Security Systems: Extra Space Invests in INSOMNIAC™ SmartEye

OpenTech Alliance announced a strategic partnership with Extra Space Storage to reduce security threats at high-risk facilities. Security and storage unit security systems are key tenants of the Extra Space brand promise. The second-largest operator of self storage facilities in the US, every Extra Space facility is guaranteed to be clean, updated and, most importantly, secure.

Considering Self Storage Security Options

For nearly three years, Kacey Kalian, the Director of Risk Analysis at Extra Space, has spearheaded Extra Space’s security endeavors. This ongoing security effort was to improve secure their customers’ valuables and reduce risk, and thereby insurance costs, at properties prone to vandalism and theft. The company has made several improvements including fencing upgrades, lighting, layered access controls, and the addition of alarms and camera surveillance, to deter and eliminate burglary incidents. INSOMNIAC SmartEye, OpenTech’s highly effective security solution that leverages artificial intelligence and professional monitoring services to detect, intercept and prevent crime, has played an integral role in reducing incidents at these locations.

“We always want to protect our investment and our property – that’s important,” stated Kalian. “But ultimately our top priority is to keep our customers and their property safe. SmartEye allows us to accomplish both with self storage security camera and gate systems. The innovative solution helps ensure we’re protecting our property from vandalism and damage, but most importantly helps us protect our tenants’ goods and keep tabs on what’s happening at our properties when no one is there.” Part of the OpenTech IoE platform of products, a database of searchable events and video feeds, along with custom alert settings, are available to ExtraSpace at any time in the IoE Control Center.

Implementing INSOMNIAC SmartEye & The Results

Extra Space’s decision to employ SmartEye was spurred by a recommendation from a local police official in Las Vegas. When discussing a break-in that had occurred, the officer encouraged the team to explore security solutions, like self storage security cameras, gates and other systems, as they had proven effective at mitigating incidents at nearby properties. Due to Extra Space’s long-standing relationship with OpenTech Alliance, SmartEye naturally made the list. After an initial pilot program, the service has now been rolled out at 13 properties (with additional plans for expansion in the works).

“The rollout of the service has been really smooth,” stated Kalian. “Once the design and contract are set, we hand it over and two weeks later the property is being actively monitored. The installation process is relatively seamless – all of the design work can be done remotely through Google Earth – and determining which systems we want to use is pretty straightforward and can be done over the phone if you know the facility well.”

The majority of high-risk properties where SmartEye was added previously employed video surveillance through the self storage security system and/or live security onsite (be it full-time or drive-by). SmartEye has allowed Extra Space to increase security monitoring at these properties while reducing associated costs. “If you currently have security onsite overnight, SmartEye is much less expensive,” stated Kalian. “If you’re paying for drive-bys or personnel to be onsite once or twice a night, it’s probably still cheaper than that. From a cost perspective, it’s much more effective than any sort of live security solution we’ve employed in the past.”

In addition to reduced costs, Kalian asserts that SmartEye has helped Extra Space reduce incidents. “On a weekly basis, we are deterring people who are trying to gain access to our properties when they are closed. The most effective tool has been the proactive messaging that the SmartEye + Virtual Security Team (VST) service provides – the majority of the time we don’t get to a point where law enforcement has to be contacted. Without a doubt, SmartEye has reduced the number of units that are broken into in these high crime areas.”

Reducing Risks & Improving Security

Extra Space will continue to rollout SmartEye storage unit security systems to other properties as risk requires. “We wouldn’t be moving forward with additional properties if we didn’t feel this was a valuable service,” stated Kalian. “We’re excited to add SmartEye to other Extra Space properties down the line. My main goals are to track and discover how SmartEye contributes to trackable losses in insurance claims and further protect our customers’ goods. We’ve seen a good start and are hopeful to see these trends continue throughout our ongoing expansion.”

In addition to SmartEye, Extra Space Storage utilizes INSOMNIAC CIA access control and StorageTreasures online auctions, managed by OpenTech Alliance.

This article was written and originally published by OpenTech Alliance.

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