Does Your Business Have an Emergency Exit Solution?

For security purposes and the safety of your staff and customers, you can depend on WSS. 


If you’re a business owner, you may have thought about adding sounders to the crash bars on your emergency exits inside your business. After all, for commercial security purposes and the safety of your staff and customers, it’s smart to have an audible alert any time those doors open. But what happens if a sounder’s battery dies? Unless you or another employee manually check those batteries on a regular basis, you may not realize they’re not working until you need them!

What if a thief triggers a sounder in the middle of the night after robbing your business — who will be inside to take action? Most likely, no one.

This option may not be the solution you expect and need. In fact, what you’d get is an unsupervised local alert system and nothing more. For a third of the cost, we have a better solution — one that’s integrated with your security system so you have 24/7 supervision day and night. It’s called the 1119 Wireless Door Sounder.

This battery-powered sounder works wirelessly with standard crash bars on emergency exits. Connecting the 1119 Wireless Door Sounder zone input to a door contact allows the contact to trigger the sounder immediately when the door opens, delivering 100dB to 110dB of local annunciation.

But it’s much more than a local annunciator. The 1119 Wireless Door Sounder also delivers fully supervised Two-Way communication between your control panel and your monitoring center’s receivers; therefore, if a battery is low, you can depend on your monitoring center to alert you. In fact, because our sounder is integrated with our security systems, during the day, we’re remotely supervising the sounders’ battery strength, and at night when your system is armed, the 1119 Wireless Door Sounder serves as a burglary device.

Whether your business is full of people, or it’s closed for the night, you need a dependable solution for your emergency exits. The 1119 Wireless Door Sounder delivers an audible alert plus 24/7 supervised communication with your alarm system — all at a fraction of the cost of installing traditional sounder crash bars.

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