A Guide To Fire Alarm Maintenance and Testing

A Guide to Fire Alarm Maintenance and Testing: What You Need To Know. Fire alarms are designed to be used in areas where there is a potential for fire. These areas include schools, factories, warehouses, hospitals, and many other places. Fire Alarms are often required by law in these locations, depending on the area. They…

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How Do I Silence My Honeywell Fire Alarm Panel?

Honeywell Notifier Fire Alarm

When your fire alarm panel is beeping, it can be confusing on which button to press and what you should do without putting yourself and others in the potential of harms way.  Below are the best next steps if your Honeywell Notifier Fire Alarm is beeping. When walking up to most fire panels there will…

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Why are fire alarm proposals so different?

Fire Alarm

This is a common question that many building owners face as they require a new fire alarm or to replace a pre-existing system and receive multiple proposals with prices varying significantly.    It is a common occurrence, and creates a litany of questions for the Buyer… What assurances do I have that the systems quoted…

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